Thank you for your interest in fostering a cat/kitten from City Kitties! City Kitties loves getting applications from serious, qualified applicants.

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Phone Number
Phone Number
Have you applied (or do you plan to apply) to be a foster home for other rescue organizations in the Philadelphia area?
Do you rent your home/apartment?
If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to have a cat? City Kitties will call to confirm this.
Does anyone in your household smoke inside the home?
City Kitties does our best to match foster cats/kittens with foster home needs/circumstances. However, we ask that foster parents be open to accepting cats of various ages, both male and female. Who are you most interested in fostering?
If you are interested in potentially adopting your foster cat, please also fill out an adoption application as a formality. This ensures that you will be "pre-approved" if you make that choice.
If you currently have pets or have had a pet in the last five years, please provide a veterinary reference. City Kitties will call to verify that your pets receive regular exams, vaccinations, etc.
Please check over all information before you hit the "submit" button.