City Kitties is Different.

comprehensive veterinary care

City Kitties screens all foster animals for health problems.  All of our cats receive comprehensive, high-quality care.  Though we can never guarantee the health of any animal, all cats adopted from City Kitties are tested for FIV and feline leukemia, receive age-appropriate vaccinations against distemper and rabies, are spayed/neutered, receive a fecal culture to test for parasites, and receive preventative parasite medication as needed.  Bacterial infections, upper respiratory infections, and other common ailments are treated prior to adoption.  This reduces the cost of follow-up care for you.

foster environment

Animals behave differently in a shelter cage than they would in a familiar home. Our foster situation allows adopters to interact with the cat in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

matching you & your new pet

City Kitties considers your family’s needs and helps you decide which animal is best for you. Our foster parents know the personality, temperament, and likes/dislikes of each animal. We can often tell you if a cat will get along with an existing pet.

trial period

We want to make sure that every adoption is a great match — and the start of a life-long relationship between you and your new pet. To that end, we offer a trial period while you get to know each other. This is especially valuable for families with existing pets who may be nervous about how a new cat will get along in the home.  If for any reason the adoption doesn’t work out, we take the cat back.

behavioral management

City Kitties foster homes work on behavioral issues with our cats/kittens, like improper scratching or rough play.  We can also advise you about how to handle normal behavioral issues that may arise after adoption

post-adoption resources

City Kitties serves as a resource after you adopt the animal. Should you have a question a week later — or a year later — we are here to help you!

For some applicants, City Kitties may be a better fit — but we encourage adopters to consider any  animal in need, whether from a rescue or a shelter environment.